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Welcome to our website we hope you find the information you are looking. This website has been designed to provide our customers and page visitors with helpful information on all the products we import and sell as well as details about who we are as a company. If you’re looking for special Motors or Gearboxes/Geardrives which you can not find on our site feel free to contact us via our contact us page or by using the inquiry form and we will help you out and source out what you request.

Motordrives Australia was formed in October 2008 by Darren Molloy providing a large range of the world’s leading brands of power transmission products to the OEM market. We aim to provide our customers with first class quality service and products.

Product News

  • Worm geared motors
  • In-line helical geared motors
  • Stainless steel motors
  • TCM Worm Gearbox Data
  • Miniature geared motors
  • Hazardous electric motors
  • Variable speed drives


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Company News

In January 2017 Motordrives was appointed an official distributor/importer of the complete range of KB: AC and DC products. Our state Distributors will all be stocking and selling the KB range and we look forward to serving this market with a great quality range of product. If you have any questions or queries regarding the KB range please feel free to contact us via our contact us page on our website or via our enquiry form on our website.

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