All Transtecno Products

Motordrives Australia is a proud distributor of Transtecno Group IEM Products, From standard gear motors to entire series for specific markets right through to specially tailored projects - the Transtecno motor reduction gearboxes include state of the art products characterised by high technical standards. The transversal modularity of Transtecno products leads to huge benefits for both machine builders and distributors Australia wide.

Our extensive range of Transtecno Products, Transtecno Poultry and Pig, Transtecno Mini techno and more includes:

Alloy AC gearmotors

High strength Cast Iron AC Products

Aluminum DC gearmotors and worm gearboxes, speed reducers and electric motors in DC Current

Brushless DC (BLDC) gearmotors, Worm gearboxes and electric motors.

Poultry Techno Products: specially designed Gearmotor applications for the Farming Industry.