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Intorque Break Motors (BFK458)

We supply the Intorq Motor Brakes BFK range that are industry leaders due to being powerful, versatile, reliable, low maintenance and configurable products best suited to all major drive applications.

The brake is an electrically releasable springapplied brake with a rotating braking disk (rotor) that is equipped with friction linings on both sides.

In a de-energised state, the rotor is stretched between the armature plate and a counter friction face by a normal brake force that is produced by pressure springs. The function thus corresponds to the failsafe principle. The braking torque that is applied to the rotor is transmitted via an axially toothed hub to the input shaft.

The main components of the Intorq BFK458 modular system are the two basic modules E (adjustable braking torque) and N (braking torque not adjustable).

Key Features:

9 sizes

Standard voltages [V DC] 24, 96, 103, 170, 180, 190, 205

Graduated torque range from 1.5-600 Nm

Modular structure for virtually all applications

Durable Long service life with brakes designed
for 100% duty time.

DC Voltages 24, 103, 180, 205 V. Versatile to all applications

The insulation system to temperature class

F (155°C) ensures that the winding has a long service life

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