At Motordrives we believe the customer service is the most important aspect of business to business activity. The internal systems and structure of Motodrives has been designed to insure that customer service is maintained with every transaction. Our dedicated and helpful staff will guide you through the selection process right down to the final delivery.

We believe our customers purchase from our company due to many reasons and as a thank you to them we have introduced the first every customer loyalty program in the power transmission field. We have designed a rebate program that will help our customers save money and increase there profits.

Our company and its staff are also available 24 hours 7 days a week for any urgent customer requirements. We will even arrange transport to deliver the urgent goods anywhere and time.

We also welcome any customer's feedback whether it is negative or positive. We will take the comments on board and aim to always strive for our goal to provide first class service.

Company News

Motordrives has won the contract to supply 950 geared motors for the largest ever solar power integration plant in Australia. Our range of Transtecno TCM SERIES helical worm gearboxes was chosen over all the other brands due to our first class quality and our fast delivery time.

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